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Here you can get to know more about me and how I approach lessons with musicians. Scroll further down for a Bio on Brian's Guitar Lessons.

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The Beginning

I began playing guitar at the age of 7 and I instantly established a passion for the instrument. My dedication prompted me to start playing and performing in bands throughout middle school and high school. During this time I obtained private guitar and bass instruction from Berkley music graduate John Pramus. Under the apprenticeship of John, I studied classical music, jazz music, and music theory.

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Ambitions - Outcome

Following my ambitions, I went to Mira Costa College and majored in music composition and music theory; where I gained the tool set to teach and achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for music, and most importantly, the guitar.

I have been in numerous bands, recorded in professional studios, and toured Europe, all while maintaining a passion for teaching others to become great musicians. My love for the instrument has inspired many of my students to start their own bands, and become fulfilled guitarists, and satisfied musicians.

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Brian's Guitar Lessons are conveniently taught in-home, and provides one hour or half hour of private instruction. These lessons are informative and catered toward the musical goals of the student, but most importantly the lessons are designed for optimal results and fun!

The guitar is an amazing instrument and I ensure that all of my students are having fun while learning. My number one priority is to secure the success of my students by instilling the same methods that gained me success on the guitar.

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