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Below are my qualified, personable, and experienced music instructors.

Currently hiring

Brian's Guitar Lessons is currently hiring teacher's with over two years of teaching experience, with the ability to teach all ages and skill levels and we serve North San Diego County. To get started contact us by Phone or Email.

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Krysten Van Dam

Krysten has been performing guitar and singing for fourteen years. She grew up listening to everything from Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Metallica. She enjoys styles such as, Country, Indie, Folk, Blues, and Classic Rock. She has a passion for songwriting and wrote her first song at age twelve and has written over twenty original songs. Krysten encourages her students to develop and create their own sound that is unique to them. Krysten will help you obtain a well rounded understanding of music basics, and help you find your individual music style.

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Dallas Shaw

Dallas is a younger musician who has been rocking his guitars for seventeen years, coming from main inspirations like Nirvana, Guns N Roses, and Led Zeppelin. Dallas loves genres of hard rock, alternative, and grunge but can range all over including acoustic and classical.

From writing, to recording, to teaching, and producing both covers and original music, Dallas can cover many areas of the music field. Although, that does not take away from his understanding or patience of beginning music skill levels.

Though his passion is with guitar, Dallas is more than capable using multiple instruments of hand, bass, drums, and piano. He will be more than happy to express and teach this same enjoyment to each person, so they too can share in these experiences.

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