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What my students and parents are saying about me, my lessons, and what they have gained. Brian's Guitar Lessons Testimonials is a small sample of my students who I have taught and am very proud of. You will also find quotes from some of my student's parents too.

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Logan and Merrick Osterhout

"Brian's been teaching our sons for three years now and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results. He teaches theory and practical application and the kids have a decent understanding of how music works now as well as a solid ability to play. Both of the boys are able to play recognizable songs all the way through. They've learned enough that they really enjoy playing on their own and I often see them playing guitar together, teaching each other little bits that Brian had showed one or the other. Brian is great with the kids as well and is able to keep them learning but interact with them when they're feeling less serious. I think the kids see him as a teacher but also as a friend because of this."

- Vance Osterhout, Logan and Merrick's Father

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Nathan Sweeney

"Since taking lessons with Brian, our son Nathan has gained more self-confidence, and he has achieved a much greater appreciation for music. Playing the guitar and listening to music has become a big part of his life. Today, Nathan is a very good guitar player who is comfortable with an acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Brian always has a very positive attitude. He is a patient instructor, and as Nathan has become a better guitar player, Brian has been able to continue to challenge him."

- Scott Sweeney, Nathan's Father

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Monique Yates

"Three years ago my daughter started taking guitar lessons from Brian. The level of progression is unbelievable. From playing a couple of chords to figuring out songs on her own is amazing. Brian's approach to each lesson is with patience, flexibility and encouragement. He is very knowledgeable and covers all techniques that are necessary to improve my daughter's skills. Although his lesson plans are tailored to what my daughter wants to learn, he will recommend playing a song to introduce her to diverse styles of music. My daughter enjoys each lesson and looks forward to the next."

- Joanne Yates, Monique's Mother

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Adam Lizerbram

"Adam picked up techniques right away that were definitely as a result of Brian's teaching. He also has much more confidence each time he sits down and practices, and is motivated to learn more! We think Adam is at an intermediate level now, which is great improvement from 1 year ago from not knowing how to play guitar at all! He knows all the open chords, bar and power chords, as well as the major, minor and harmonic scales. Huge improvement in just 1 year! Adam looks forward to his lessons with Brian each time. Brian has a lot of patience and is an effective instructor. Adam gives Brian "Two thumbs up!", and says "Brian is funny, and when I want to learn something new, Brian teaches it to me"."

- Andrea Lizerbram, Adam's Mother

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Jared Myers

"I've been taking lessons with Brian for a few years now, and I've noticed a major improvement with both my classical and electric guitar playing. I've become better at reading music as well as writing guitar solos and riffs for my own songs. I consider myself an advanced guitar player now after taking lessons with Brian for 3 years. It's a lot of fun working with Brian and I feel like my playing is improving bit by bit each week."

- Jared Myers

John O'leary

"Our son John has always been an introvert; but since taking lessons with Brian he's come noticeably out of his shell. He has a new confidence, that I think he get's from playing the guitar itself, but also from his interaction with Brian. John's guitar playing ability has amazed us. When I was his age, after playing guitar for many months, I was still at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; John is playing Greenday and Beatles songs. He practices frequently, and unasked, because it is so rewarding for him. I was skeptical about the unconventional teaching methodology but I'm a believer now. Working with Brian has been a wonderful experience for my whole family. Brian treats John with a great deal of respect, he's like a "cool uncle" that comes over once a week. I believe that his interaction with Brian is an enormous factor in his recent surge in self-confidence."

- Susan O'leary, John's Mother

Marc Montez

"Before taking lessons with Brian I didn't know much about scales or how to use different techniques on the bass. He has helped me to create my own riffs for the music that I compose. Now I am much quicker at developing my own riffs, and memorizing the scales on the bass. It's been a great experience to work with Brian, he's taught me so much about music, and he helped me to start my own band. I'm definitely the bassist I am today because of Brian."

- Marc Montez

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